Menopause Workshop #girlsonfire

Join Jenny and Donna and learn how to manage your hormones and gain control of your menopausal symptoms.

Enjoy nutrition and lifestyle tips from Jenny Thewlis, Nutritional Consultant.

Find out how acupuncture and yoga can both support you through the changes with Donna Erodotou, acupuncturist and yoga teacher.

These two small group workshops are designed to be taken as a pair.  The first one will inform you of new ways to look after yourself with good nutrition as you journey into the next stage of your life.   You will also be shown breathing techniques and postures to support  you that you can do at home.   You may then start to make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle before coming back in the second session where you can report back on how you are feeling and we will answer any of your questions and continue to support and encourage you in order to have your best menopausal experience.

Dates to be announced soon (please register your interest by emailing Donna at

Price:  £45 each session £80 if you book and pay for both

To be held at :   Boston Spa Acupuncture, Studio 7, 169 High Street, Boston Spa LS23 6BH

To Book:   Contact Donna 079844 08939 or Jenny 07507 509495


MENOPAUSE - THE SECOND SPRING? (Recently published in Wetherby & Walton Magazine)

You may well be dreading this phase of your life, but the good news is that if managed well and you take the time to look after and nourish yourself you could find that when you come through the menopause you feel wiser, calmer and healthier.


The average age a woman in the UK begins her menopause is 52. The menopause can be defined as a transition from the reproductive to the non-reproductive state. It’s important to recognise however that the menopause is not a disease but simply a natural progression to a different stage of life. Just as you progressed from girl to womanhood in the teenage years and the hormonal and emotional changes that entailed.


Menopause is another opportunity in your life to make a real difference. Maybe the time you began your periods wasn’t great, or you were exhausted with little help during pregnancy and childbirth. Chinese Medicine works in 7 year cycles and states that a woman has three opportunities to really make a difference to her health. These are when she begins her periods, during pregnancy and childbirth and during the menopause. And so here the opportunity to create a second spring presents itself.


Peri-menopause is the transition period into the menopause. This is the time that you may start to notice changes. There may be changes in the regularity and length of your periods. Maybe they are a little further apart, or closer together. They could be heavier or lighter and you may even miss a complete period. Any combination of these factors is likely. During this phase many women also start to experience low mood, joint pain, hot flushes and insomnia. The flushes could be particularly bad at certain times of the day or night and you could even feel quite cold after the flush. Fuzzy thinking, the inability to concentrate and poor memory can be particularly challenging, especially if your job expects you to be on top of your game. Added to this many women experience emotional symptoms such as stress, anger, anxiety, guilt and shame as well as headaches, panic attacks, bladder problems and issues with digestion and bloating. The way you feel about getting older and the loss of your ability to reproduce will greatly depend on your individual circumstances and any physical, mental or emotional stresses you have can exacerbate the symptoms.  A few women will sale through this period with no symptoms whatsoever.


With all of this to contend with is it any wonder that we have swept the subject under the carpet and not talked about it? Well the good news is that we as women are starting to support each other and have discussions around all things menopause. There’s a long way to go but many employers are becoming aware that women need to be supported in the workplace and our partners and families are more knowledgable.  If you’re an employer reading this or have a woman in your household around this age take note!


Well We’ve certainly come a long way from the days when women would be sectioned and locked up in a mental institution and diagnosed as ‘mad’. No wonder we never spoke about it!


The actual menopause is defined by not having had a period for a year. However, you simply have no way of knowing when your last period will be.  Post-Menopause is described as not having had a period for two years.


So what can we do to make the transition easier and minimise the symptoms?

Most importantly the time to begin preparing is NOW! You can start by:

  • Making sure your diet is packed full of essential nutrients.

  • reducing or cutting out caffeine and alcohol (these could be likened to pouring fuel on a fire). You may well notice hot flushes and headaches increase after consumption of these products.

  • Not overworking.

  • Exercising regularly. Some exercise that makes you break a sweat is great as it helps to release heat. Weight-bearing exercise to support your bones is also important and yoga or tai chi to balance mind, body and soul will also be beneficial.

  • Rest and Relaxation. Taking a little time out of your day to relax and replenish. Maybe having a candlelit bath or listening to some gentle music or just relaxing with a book.

  • Breathing techniques and Meditation. The breath really has the capacity to calm the entire nervous system. As for meditation I recommend the Headspace App.

  • Appropriate supplements - through the advice of a qualified nutritionist.


HRT or not? You may want to take HRT or you may want to make the transition naturally. Or you may want to do both. Either is perfectly fine but before you make the decision you will probably want to know a lot more about both options.


At Boston Spa Acupuncture and Yoga, Donna Erodotou is an experienced acupuncturist trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and holds an honours degree in acupuncture. Her special interest is Women’s Health which encompasses periods, endometriosis, PCOS, Fertility and Infertility including IVF, pregnancy and menopause. She is also a yoga teacher trained with the British Wheel of Yoga, Yoga Alliance and is a Womb Yoga Teacher delivering gentle practices throughout the different stages of a women’s life. She teaches Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga and Gentle Yoga for Relaxation at Boston Spa Village Hall, runs Healing Gong Sound Baths and Music for Meditation evenings all in Boston Spa.


Jenny Thewlis is an experienced nutritional therapist who runs a successful nutrition clinic, delivers corporate wellbeing workshops and also teaches nutritional therapy skill to Masters students in York. Jenny specialises in addressing women’s hormonal issues through sustainable diet and lifestyle changes.


Together, we deliver menopausal workshops for women at Boston Spa Acupuncture Clinic which is based on the High Street in Boston Spa.


If you’re interested in learning lots more and would like to come along and see how we can help you help yourself then please get in touch.


The workshops will begin in April and will be delivered in two parts. We plan to run them throughout the year.


For more information on joining one of these courses, or to book an acupuncture, nutrition or yoga class please contact Donna:

Mobile 07984408939