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Music for Meditation

Monthly, small group classes in Boston Spa

(Booking via the 'Book a Yoga Class' page via Gymcatch App or contact Donna at


Singing is a sacred practice and the voice a tool to fine-tune our consciousness. When we sing mantras, that is, devotional music where we repeat a sacred phrase and a simple but beautiful melody, we drop out of the mind and into the heart and enter a blissful yet meditative state.


In every spiritual tradition on earth singing and music has been used to connect us to the sacred reality, to harmonise our body, mind, spirit and to strengthen our communities. Claire loves to teach and sing music from a variety of traditions, sharing the unity of mystical experiences she has discovered on her journey.


In our groups, we aim to create a heart-centred, comfortable and nurturing environment for people of any/no previous experience to come and discover the power of their own voice and the uplifting nature of devotional music...Just come as you are in comfy clothing, the group lasts roughly an hour and a half and we have a break for tea and chocolate.


“Devotional singing can help quieten the mind so that the heart can open to the divine, allowing us to taste the blissful reality that is our true nature.” Amma


Claire has been singing as a spiritual practice for almost ten years, she has spent years in both India and Turkey experiencing music and mysticism, now back in Yorkshire she continues to study Indian Ragas with her teacher in Leeds and is exploring the traditional sacred practices of the British isles with much love and fascination.

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