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Yoga Classes

Find the Perfect Yoga Class for You

Ashtanga is described by Patanjali as one of the eight limbs of yoga.


The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yama - Ethical discipline

Niyama - Self observation

Asana - Posture

Pranayama - Breath control

Pratyahara - Sense withdrawal 

Dharana - Concentration

Dhyana - Meditation

Samadhi - A state of joy and peace

The Ashtanga Yoga system was developed by K. Pattabhi Jois and is a specialised sequencing of postures and focused breathing techniques.   Through regular practice the eight limbs of yoga are nourished and the tree begins to sprout at the appropriate time when the student is ready.    Ashtanga yoga can be simply used for keeping fit as it is a challenging, dynamic practice but it can also be used to explore spirituality.    The student may initially come to Ashtanga purely for the physical benefits but may experience the other gifts of this practice and want to explore  the deeper aspects of spirituality.   Whatever the student chooses Pathabhi Jois famously quoted ’99% Practice and 1% Theory’.      Donna teaches Ashtanga yoga for beginners and even though this is a challenging practice modifications are offered.   However, a basic level of fitness is required.


Gentle Yoga is perfect for beginners or those with limited fitness and flexibility or for people who just need a relaxing slow class due to low energy.     You will be guided through breath and gentle posture including sun salutations.  Floor work using belts and blocks ending with restorative postures.    


Vinyasa Flow is the linking of breath with movement.   Asanas (postures) seamlessly flow from one to the next and are linked by the breath encouraging the movement of Prana (lifeforce energy) through the meridians of the body.


Vinyasa Flow is a balance of strength and flexibility, movement and stillness, lightness and heaviness (Swenson, D).    The practice is essentially a rhythm and each postures opens the body gently to ultimately reveal a deeper posture and each sequence is created as a theme i.e. hip openers, balances etc.


This system can be challenging or soft and slow but is suitable for all levels.  A basic level of fitness is required.

Restorative Yoga is so relaxing!   The ultimate antidote to stress.   You will be guided through gentle restorative postures in order to experience deep relaxation.  Absolutely no sun salutations!


Stress can affect health, relationships, sexual function, reproduction, job performance, athletic performance and the sense of who we are (self).


This class will be delivered in small groups of 5-6 persons maximum in a candlelit setting followed by Chai tea to gently restore you.    


If you have a small, personal group of friends you would like to experience this with this can be arranged.


We hold regular ‘Gong Sound Bath’ events!


A 'Gong Sound Bath' is a powerful holistic healing therapy. A gong bath session can induce deep restorative, relaxation whilst at the same time be energising and rejuvenating. A gong session can also alleviate anxiety, stress, depression, creating a feeling of peace and calm.  The therapy is called a 'sound bath' because the participants are 'bathed' in the sonic vibrations of the gong and other instruments played during the healing session. The sonic vibrations are sensed by the individual both as aural sounds and as physical vibrations around the body.

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