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Success Stories

I just wanted to let you know that I'm now 18 weeks pregnant and although I only attended two sessions I do believe that a lot was to do with those sessions, as it was only a few weeks after the last one that I found out I was pregnant.  The acupuncture and also the yoga techniques were so beneficial as were the breathing techniques.   So I just wanted to say thank you very much and I have highly recommended you to people who have asked.  - Jess.

I went to see Donna before I was due to start my IVF journey.  She made me feel so at ease and so comfortable.  She gave me the best advice for my diet as well as other ways to help improve my fertility for both myself and my husband.  We then had acupuncture alongside IVF treatment and Donna was absolutely amazing.  She became a big part of our journey not just for myself but my husband too.  We still remain friends and I miss seeing her every week.  She's absolutely fabulous at what she does and we now have a one-year-old little girl.  We will be eternally grateful to Donna and her love, care and hard work.  She's the best.  Keely

Donna is both understanding and very knowledgeable. I had the most amazing results from my last treatment and can’t wait to for the next - Lorraine

Just had my first treatment with Donna today. Thorough consultation delivered in a very caring way. In fact, I felt very nurtured which is exactly what I needed. Very relaxing would highly recommend - Gabrielle

Donna is kind, understanding and really makes you feel valued. She was fantastic in helping me sort a problem with my neck and flexible with appointment times. I would highly recommend Donna. - Liz

I can’t recommend Boston Spa Acupuncture and yoga enough. Donna is kind and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The combination of Yoga and Acupuncture complement each other so well for an all-round healthy body and mind - Kate

What a great experience. Stress, panic, sleepless night, night terrors. Not any more. Thank you so much for helping and supporting me. The treatment is so much more than clinical acupuncture it is a very holistic approach. I don’t have many safe spaces, this is one of them - Mike

Donna first treated me with a back complaint in which she did fantastic work as I could hardly walk at the time, after a few sessions I really started to feel a difference.  I also have Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and IBS in which she has helped me with and given me great advice.  Would definitely recommend - Tracey

I am counting down the days to when you open the clinic again Donna! I have acupuncture usually once every couple of weeks for a stress release and it is the most amazing treatment I have ever had. I hope that I can make it to the next yoga retreat. I had the most wonderful experience on the last one held by Donna In Whitby, an experience I will never forget... total tranquillity.. 🥰🌙☀️🙏🏻xx - Becky

Donna is very reassuring. She takes a full history and discusses other things that could help your symptoms as well as the acupuncture so that you get the most out of the treatment. She keeps you comfortable and warm during the treatment. It’s very relaxing and effective. Highly recommend- Emma

Skilled, knowledgeable and with vast experience, Donna is amazing at what she does. More than that, her holistic approach makes her one of the most caring health professionals I know. She always has my wellbeing at heart and I can’t thank her enough for all the support she has given me throughout my treatment with her - Ruth

Last year I trapped a nerve in my neck and was in debilitating pain for weeks, my doctor recommended acupuncture to complement the medicine. I was a bit sceptical and nervous that acupuncture would be painful however Donna thoroughly explained the process and put my mind at ease. I found the treatment relaxing and even after the first session I could feel an improvement to the level of pain. Donna followed the session up by texting me to see how I was feeling which was reassuring. After a few sessions I was well enough to start working part-time, I have a physical job and thought I wouldn’t be working for months, highly recommended - Mike

I first started seeing Donna for a long term shoulder problem. After the first appointment, I felt like I'd spent a full week relaxing at a spa! The acupuncture, massage and cupping helped significantly with the pain I was experiencing and increased my range of movement dramatically.
More recently I have been having fertility support with Donna, as we have a recurrent miscarriage. Donna has always been very supportive emotionally and has helped my anxiety through the acupuncture treatment too, as well as treating and nourishing the pregnancy. We are now in our second trimester in this pregnancy! Thank you for everything!! - Sarah


Donna has been amazing over the last few months. I started having acupuncture as I'd heard it helped with fertility and thought it was worth a try before being referred for IVF later in the year if we hadn't been successful naturally.  The whole experience made me feel so much less stressed about the situation, and life in general. I can't thank her enough for what she's done for me. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant with a baby boy!! Thank you! X - Sarah

I found the acupuncture very helpful.  I had severe facial neuralgia and initially was in a lot of pain.  The treatment made a huge difference and I'm certain the neuralgia cleared up because of it.  Donna is very caring and her holistic approach generally inspiring   I felt huge improvements in my mood and health.   I shall certainly return for 'top ups', and won't hesitate to call her for anything more serious - Anne

I went to see Donna for some help with morning sickness in the early stages of my pregnancy.  I ended up seeing her regularly right into the third trimester!  Donna provides an excellent service with a holistic approach to her client's care - Laura

After several visits to Boston Spa Acupuncture and successful treatments by Donna, my wife and I are very satisfied with the professional treatment we received and would recommend her - Frank

Donna has treated me for a range of things, back/sciatica pain initially which was resolved within a few treatments. Asthmatic symptoms which she’s worked with me with Acupuncture and diet advice. And most recently fertility and early pregnancy treatment! Great for an energy boost too. Couldn’t recommend more!" - Lauren

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